If you have questions about Pag-ibig programs, call the Pag-ibig Fund hotline:

You will hear a Tagalog voice recording giving you 7 options:

Press 1  ---  short term loans

Press 2  ---  member savings

Press 3  ---  member ID no.

Press 4  ---  housing loans

Press 5  ---  consolidation of records

Press 6  ---  loyalty card

Press 0  ---  other questions or to talk with a member relations officer
                    If you want to ask about benefits and claims, press 0

New email address of Pag-ibig Fund for customer services:


Some are complaining that the hotline is too busy.
But I have called their hotline many times, and each time, somebody answered quickly.

Call during non-peak hours. Try late at night or very early in the morning.