Pag-ibig Fund Hotline

If you have questions about Pag-ibig programs, call the Pag-ibig Fund hotline:

You will hear a Tagalog voice recording giving you 7 options:

Press 1  ---  short term loans

Press 2  ---  member savings

Press 3  ---  member ID no.

Press 4  ---  housing loans

Press 5  ---  consolidation of records

Press 6  ---  loyalty card

Press 0  ---  other questions or to talk with a member relations officer
                    If you want to ask about benefits and claims, press 0

New email address of Pag-ibig Fund for customer services:


Some are complaining that the hotline is too busy.
But I have called their hotline many times, and each time, somebody answered quickly.

Call during non-peak hours. Try late at night or very early in the morning.


  1. the line is not yet in service and no one is replying to their email.

  2. Try nio tumawag sa gabi, kasi busy sila kapag araw. Ang problem lang sa gabi ay kapag hindi sure yong officer about her/his reply, tatanungin pa yong supervisor, pero nakauwi na yong supervisor...tsssskk


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