Here's a list of Pag-ibig Retirement Claim requirements:

1.   Filled-up Application for Provident Benefits (APB) Form

2.  Pag-ibig Transaction Card and 1 valid ID with photo and signature
     or 2 valid photo IDs

3.  Birth Certificate issued by NSO

4.  SSS Retirement Voucher

If government employee:

Submit also your Service Record and GSIS Retirement Voucher

If AFP personnel:

Submit also your Order of Retirement and Statement of Service

If you retired early under your company's Early Retirement Program 
at any age from 45 to 59:

Submit also your Notarized Certificate of Early Retirement from Employer

You can claim your Pag-ibig retirement benefit if any one of the following is true:

.  You're already 60 years old or older
.  You retired early under your company's Early Retirement Program
.  You retired under the SSS or GSIS program.
.  You retired from government service by provision of law

Pag-ibig Provident Benefit Claim Requirements for Members Immigrating to Another Country