Updated August 2019

If you are a Pag-ibig 1 member, you can register for a Pag-ibig MP2 account to save more money.


MP2 means Modified Pag-ibig 2. Another savings program offered by Pag-ibig. Optional ito. Kung gusto mo lang.
Maganda ito kasi puede mo nang kunin ang pera mo after 5 years. At mas mataas ang dividend.

Remember, first, be an active member of Pag-ibig 1 before you can register for an MP2 account.


1.  Prepare your Pag-ibig MID No. and Security Code
      or  your Registration Tracking No.
      or your POP Temporary ID No.

2.  Go to pagibigfund.gov.ph


4  Enter your Pag-ibig MID No. and Security Code

    If you don't have a Security Code, Click No Pag-IBIG MID No.

    Enter your Registration Tracking No. or POP Temporary ID,
          and  your Last Name and First Name

5. Enter the code see (letters and numbers)

6.  Click Submit
          You will see your Tracking No., Name, Birth Date,
          TIN, home address and email address

7. You fill up the form

       Mobile Phone No.:
       Home Tel. No.:
       Monthly Income:

I hereby undertake to contribute monthly the amount of ______
(Desired Monthly Contribution) as my savings under the Modified
Pag-ibig II program.

For Locally Employed:
Company/Employer Name
Company/Employer Address

Terms and Conditions:

1.   The Modified Pag-IBIG II membership is open to all
       Pag-IBIG 1 members only.
2.    Membership under this program shall be solely
       a savings scheme.
3.    Membership Term under this program shall be
       5 years reckoned from date of initial payment
       of contributions under this program.
4.    The member shall be entitled to annual dividends
       to be credited to his/her account in accordance
       with HDMF policies.
5.    The member shall be entitled to receive his/her
       total savings (TAV) upon maturity.
6.    Upon maturity, a member may opt to renew his/her
       Modified Pag-IBIG II membership for another
       five (5) years.
7.    Unless withdrawn or renewed at maturity, the member
       shall be entitled to dividend rates subject to the
       Fund's existing policies.
8.    The member shall promptly notify HDMF in
       writing of any change in address and civil status
       and personally fill-out Change of Information form.

9.    Enter the code (letters and numbers)

10.  Click Submit My Application

11.  Wait for instructions from Pag-ibig through email.

Additional info on MP2:

. Minimum contribution is 500 pesos
. The five-year term starts on the date of initial
   payment of contribution.
. Dividends are credited yearly.
. You can renew your account for another 5 years.
   You need to inform Pag-ibig about your renewal
   so that the higher dividend rate will continue to apply.

If you like to register at your Pag-ibig branch, this is how the
registration form looks like:

 Modified Pag-ibig II Registration Form