How long is the processing time for Pag-ibig Retirement Benefit?

If your records are all in one Pag-ibig branch, the processing will take less than 1 month.

Usually, after Pag-ibig officers accept, check and approve your claim documents, they give you an acknowledgment receipt with this notice: "Follow up in 3 to 4 weeks" with a phone number to call.

From personal experience this year, we filed our Pag-ibig retirement benefit claim on October 7, and on November 7, a Pag-ibig personnel called us through our landline phone and told us our check is ready for pickup.

When we got our check, we saw that the check was dated October 17. That was 10 days after we filed. But probably the check still went through some releasing procedures.

Maybe if we followed up after 3 weeks, our check was already there for us to pick up.


1.   One year or two years before retirement or maturity, go to your Pag-ibig branch with your IDs and Pag-ibig MID No. and ask for a copy of your Total Accumulated Savings (TAV).

2.   Check if all your contributions are in the TAV printout.  This means you should have your own record of your contributions, or if not contributions, record of your employment dates.

3.   If you find out that some or many of your contributions are missing in your TAV printout, it most likely means that your other contribution records are in another Pag-ibig branch.  This happens if you worked in different companies in different cities or regions.

       Go to the Pag-ibig branch nearest the location of the company whose contributions are missing in your TAV printout.  Ask for a copy of your TAV.  Then file a Request for Transfer of Member's Records.