You can now save more with the
Mandatory Pag-ibig Savings Program,
which is sometimes called P1 or Pag-ibig 1.

Save more. Gain more dividends.
Your savings will not be lost. This program is government-guaranteed.
It's not like some pre-need investments that vanished.

In the past, you can save only up to 200 pesos monthly under Pag-ibig 1.
Now, you can increase your savings.

The P1 amount is also one of the 3 basis of the amount of a Pag-ibig housing loan.
This is also the basis of the amount of a Multi-Purpose Loan.
Your total P1 plus dividends can be claimed by you after you have accumulated 240 monthly savings or after turning 20 years old or older,
or when you migrate to another country.

Check how much you can save, based on the sample given by Pag-ibig, at 4% annual dividend rate:

Monthly Savings   Savings in 20 Years   Total Savings
in Pesosin Pesos at 4% Dividend Rate
in Pesos
   200  48,000  73,015.85
   300  72,000109,523.77
   400  96,000146,031.70

The annual dividend rate can increase; it can also decrease,
depending on the total annual earnings of Pag-ibig over the past year.

How to Pay Your Higher Monthly Contributions: 
For Employees:
Inform your HR about your decision to increase your monthly Pag-ibig contribution. They will then increase accordingly your monthly Pag-ibig payroll deduction.

Note, however, that if you increase your monthly contribution to Pag-ibig 1, it does not mean that your company will also increase its monthly contribution for you. No. Your company will share the same contribution amount, which is 100 pesos as of this date, because that was the amount specified in the HDMF Law.

For Individual Payors: 
Pay your higher monthly contribution through accredited collectors, and your payments will be credited to your Pag-ibig account accordingly. You don't need to fill up any contribution increase form.

For more information:
Pag-ibig Hotline: 724-4244