You can use a Pag-ibig housing loan to pay off the outstanding balance of your bank home loan. This is called refinancing your bank home loan.

However, you need to ask your bank if it accepts refinancing by Pag-ibig.

You should use this info only as basis for planning. It is best if you go to Pag-ibig, make inquiries and ask for housing loan forms.

In Metro Manila, the Housing Operations facility is at:

JELP Business Solutions
409 Shaw Blvd.
Mandaluyong City

In the provinces, go to the Pag-ibig branch nearest the property you are planning to buy.

Eligibility for Pag-ibig housing loan for refinancing:

1. You should be eligible for a Pag-ibig housing loan. (See below)
2. Your bank home loan should not be delinquent.
3. You have paid your monthly amortization for the past 12 months. This means you have a perfect payment history for the past year.

Initial Documents Required by Pag-ibig:

These documents are used to evaluate if you are qualified for a Pag-ibig housing loan, and if the loan you are refinancing is acceptable to Pag-ibig.

1. Housing Loan Application (HLA)
2. Membership Status Verification Slip (MSVS)
3. Proof of Income (see below)

4. Statement of Account on outstanding loan balance, with loan purpose indicated
5. Official Receipt of Payments to your Bank for the past 12 months
    (Can be a Subsidiary Ledger, or any valid Proof of Payment of Amortization for the past 12 months)

6. Photocopy (front and back) of 1 valid ID of principal borrower and spouse
     (and co-borrower and spouse, if there are)
7. Authorization to Conduct Credit Background Investigation
8. Health Statement Form for Insurance Coverage
9. Marriage Contract (for all married borrowers and co-borrowers)
10. Birth Certificate or any proof of relationship, if there are co-borrowers
10. Latest Certified True Copy of Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT)
11. For condo unit, Certified True Copy of present TCT and CCT
12. Photocopy of Updated Tax Declaration and Updated Real Estate Tax Receipt
13. Location Plan and Vicinity Map
14. For members with less than the required number of monthly contributions, photocopy of Pag-IBIG Fund Receipt (PFR) representing lump sum payment of monthly savings.
15. Processing fee of 1,000 pesos (non-refundable)

Note: Pag-ibig may require other documents if there are deficiencies in the documents submitted.

If your Pag-ibig housing loan application is approved, Pag-ibig will release to you:

1.  Notice of Approval (NOA)

2.  Letter of Guaranty (LOG)
3.  Disclosure Statement on Loan Transaction (DSLT)
4.  Loan and Mortgage Agreement (LMA)
5.  Promissory Note (PN)

Complete the requirements described in the NOA:

1. Proceed to your bank where your property is mortgaged.
     - Present Letter of Guaranty (LOG)
     - Get your TCT/CCT

2. Proceed to Registry of Deeds (RD) for the cancellation and annotation of mortgage.
** Present the following documents:
   - TCT/CCT
   - Loan and Mortgage Agreement (LMA)
   - Release of Real Estate Mortgage (REM)
 ** Pay  processing and other fees
 ** Get the following:
   - Certified true copy of title with mortgage annotation
   - LMA received and stamped


For Employees, any of the following:

- Notarized Certificate of Employment and Compensation (Employer’s
format), within 3 months prior to date of loan application. For government employees, include your latest one-month payslip

- Income Tax Return (ITR) for the year immediately preceding the
date of loan application, with attached W2 form, stamped-received by the
BIR/Certificate of Tax Withheld (BIR Form No. 2316)

For Self-Employed, any of the following:

- ITR, Audited Financial Statements, Official Receipt of tax payment
from bank, DTI Registration and Mayor’s Permit or Business Permit

- Commission Vouchers reflecting the issuer’s name and contact details (for
the last 12 months)

- Bank Statements or passbook for the last 12 months (for those whose income comes from pensions, foreign remittances, etc,)

- Copy of Lease Contract and Tax Declaration (for rental property owners)

- Certified True Copy of Transport Franchise issued by LGU (for tricycles) or LTFRB (for other Public Utility Vehicle or PUVs)

- Certificate of Engagement issued by owner of business

- Other documents that validate source of income

For Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), any of the following:

- Employment Contract (with English translation if in foreign language)

- Original Employer’s Certificate of Income (with English translation if in
foreign language). If document is a photocopy, it should be certified and initialed by the Pag-IBIG Fund Information Officer assigned in the country where the OFW works.

- Other Proofs of Income; whether original or photocopy, they must be certified and initialed by the Pag-IBIG Fund Information Officer assigned in the country where the OFW works


- Member of Pag-ibig I
- Has paid at least 24 monthly contributions
   A new member can pay a lump sum to cover the 24 monthly contributions
   A member can pay a lump sum to complete 24 monthly contributions
   A member can increase his monthly contributions or pay a lump sum to qualify for higher loans
- Not delinquent in his Pag-ibig Multi-Purpose Loan
- Not more than 65 years old
- Must be insurable
- Loan term must not exceed the 70th year of borrower
- No outstanding Pag-ibig housing loan, either as principal or co-borrower
- Has legal capacity to acquire property
- Has passed Pag-ibig's credit, employment or business background checks
- A member who has Pag-ibig Overseas Program (POP) savings can have these savings counted for the 24-month requirement