Here are some questions and answers about Pag-ibig death benefit:

Q:  How much is Pag-ibig death benefit? 
A:  The death benefit is 6,000 pesos.
      BUT if the total amount of Provident benefit is less than 6,000 pesos, then the death benefit is the same amount as the Provident benefit.
      Provident benefit is the total amount of savings and dividends.

Q:  When a Pag-ibig member dies, do his beneficiaries file 2 claims for Pag-ibig benefits? One for Provident benefit and one for death benefit?
A:  No. Beneficiaries file only one set of claim. Pag-ibig Provident benefit and Pag-ibig death benefit are computed together in one claim form -- the Application for Provident Benefits Claim form. The amount of death benefit depends on the total amount of Provident benefit.

Mostly, the death benefit is 6,000 pesos. But if the Total Provident Benefit is less than 6,000 pesos, the death benefit is the same as the amount of the Total Provident Benefit.

Q: Can the beneficiaries of a member who has claimed all his Pag-ibig Provident benefits when he was alive claim his death benefit when he dies? 
    For example, a member gets all his Provident benefits in 2013, and then he dies in 2014. Can his family claim his death benefits in 2014?
A: No. His beneficiaries can no longer claim his death benefit because he was no longer a Pag-ibig member when he died. His membership was terminated when he claimed all his Provident benefit when he was alive.


Pag-ibig Fund press release dated March 16, 2012 titled "Pag-ibig Declares over P8.4B dividends for 2011

"...upon the death of the member where his legal heirs shall receive his total savings plus an additional death benefit of 6,000 pesos or an amount equivalent to his total savings, whichever is lower."

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