Optional Withdrawal of Pag-ibig Savings

Use this optional withdrawal of Pag-ibig savings only if you truly need money. It is best that we don't withdraw our savings early so that we will have some money to withdraw when we get older. Check first if a multiple-purpose loan is a better solution.

If you have a valid reason for needing money, you can avail of the optional withdrawal program of Pag-ibig after your 10th year, or after your 15th year of contributing to Pag-ibig. And you can still continue to contribute to your Pag-ibig account after your optional withdrawal.

But there are rules:

1. You should have NO missed monthly contribution, meaning you should have paid for all months within the 10-year period, or within the 15-year period.  There should be NO gap in the monthly payments.

If there's one month that you have not paid for, you cannot avail of optional withdrawal.
And if you're thinking of paying the missed month or months, you cannot do it. The payment deadlines have long since passed.

2. You should have no current Pag-ibig housing loan.

3. You should have no current multi-purpose loan.

If you like, you can pay in full your loan over the counter at Pag-ibig. You cannot ask Pag-ibig to deduct your loan from your optional withdrawal check.

4.  There's a deadline for filing an optional withdrawal application. You only have one year in which to file your application.

If you avail in your 10th year, file anytime after you reach your 120th contribution (10th year) and before your 11th year starts. In short, between your 10th year and  your 11th year.

If you avail in your 15th year, file anytime after you reach your 180th contribution (15th year) and before your 16th year starts. In short, between your 15th year and your 16th year.

If you miss the two one-year time frames, there are no other years for you to avail of optional withdrawal. You only have 2 chances.

5. You can avail of only one optional withdrawal. If you have availed of optional withdrawal in your 10th year, you can no longer avail in your 15th year.

If you do not avail of optional withdrawal,
you can get your Pag-ibig savings+dividends  when any of the following conditions happens:

1. You have accumulated 240 monthly contributions and you're 45 years old or older.

2. You have turned 60 years old.

3. You are now an immigrant, or have become permanent resident, or citizen of another country.

4. You have a permanent disability.

5. You have availed of your company's early retirement program and you're 45 years old or older.

6. You have gone to heaven ahead of us, and your beneficiaries are collecting documents to claim the Pag-ibig benefits you have left behind.

Source:  HDMF Circular No. 273, signed January 4, 2010, effective immediately

When Did Pag-ibig Start?  Republic Acts, Executive Orders, Presidential Decrees, History



  1. Two months po akong may gap sa contribution ko dahil sa without pay..na operahan po ako.BAKIT D AKO PWEDE MKA AVAIL SA 10YEARS MATURITY..AKALA KO PO NA MAG EXTEND LNG NG MONTHS PARA MA COPEUP KO ANG GAP KO TO AVAIL MY 10YEARS..ANO po ba option dyan ...

    1. Those rules were not written in stone. Germane to the creation of the institution (i.e. PAG-IBIG) is to provide a financial facility to any member primarily for HOUSING LOAN.

      The other financial facilities or services now offered are basically "responses" or "reactions" either based on "clamor" or "institutional initiative."

      There are other governmental financial institutions that were also created, albeit for other "specific purpose," to wit:

      a) GSIS -Pension Plan (Government employee);

      b) SSS -Pension Plan (Private employee);

      c) PhilHealth -Hospitalization Insurance;

      If you already have a house of your own or paying for the same without the use of your PAG-IBIG Fund, in my opinion, you no longer need to retain such fund and should be allowed to WITHDRAW AS A MATTER OF RIGHT.

      However, before you can assert such right, it is best that you visit the office personally and explain your particular predicament. You may be asked to make a letter, especially when your intentions are not within the "normal" or "regular" course of their business. The same intentions must not run counter to the financial viability or existence of PAG-IBIG for it to be considered.

      Thus, gather all the facts and documents and go to PAG-IBIG personally. If it's not physically possible, then have a properly executed Letter of Authorization in your behalf.

      Hope these information guides you accordingly.

  2. Hi what if i already availed the 1oth yr or na withdraw kona po yung 120 mos. Last 2007. Now upon checking i have contributed 240 mos. in the records can I withdraw again the 120 mos.?

  3. ano po requirements to withdraw my modified contribution na 500 monthly po?


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