Pag-ibig Membership -- Online Enrollment

You can apply for Pag-ibig membership online. Go to pagibigfund.gov.ph, and click E-Services.

This is How To Get Your Pag-ibig MID No.

Here are pieces of information that you need to write when you apply for Pag-ibig membership online:


Member's Name (the same name as appearing in birth certificate)
Date of birth
Place of birth
Civil Status
Name of spouse, if married
TIN, SSS or GSIS number (if you have)
Email address (double-check, since any reply will be sent to this address)
Cellphone no.
Current address
City and province (Choose from list, click "Code" to see list)
Check if this address is abroad
Zip code
Mother's maiden name
Father's name
Mother's name
Names of beneficiaries
Dates of birth of beneficiaries
Relationships with beneficiaries
(Spouse, Son, Daughter, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister)


Choose category:
Employed - private
Employed - government
Employed - private household
Individual payor
Not yet employed

Employer name
Date employed
Employee number
Occupation (required)
Category of occupation (Choose from list, Click "Get Occupation" to see category and specific occupation)

Employment status (required), options: permanent/regular, contractual, temporary/part-time
casual, project-based
Type of work (required),  options: land-based, sea-based
Country of assignment (required)
Basic monthly income (required)
Basic plus allowance (optional)
Total income

Address of employment
Name of country where employed (required)

Employment history
Company name
Employed from month and year to month and year or to present
Address of company

NOTE: You can change your information later on, via the Pag-ibig website online enrollment section, or at the Makati Pag-ibig branch. However, it would be best if you input correct data upon enrollment, so you don't have to spend time making corrections.

These are the notes on the last page of your enrollment process:

By clicking the Submit button below, I certify that the information given above and all the statements made herein are true and correct.

Once Submitted, all your information shall be registered in the fund's database and you can make changes on you information thru our Online Change of Information System.

Review MDF
Submit registration

The Successful Registration page shall indicate that the registration process was completed.

Pag-ibig membership online

Visit this page if you like to check the lists of OCCUPATIONS.


  1. Hi, i created a new account and i misspelled the name of my parents. I've tried the MCIF but it does not include changing these errors. my question is how can i change mispelled parents name or other information not available in MCIF???

    1. Hi sir scavenger, you can now update your data online (Jan 2015)

  2. Hi bahaghari, did your employer tell you it's your Pag-ibig MID no.? If that is so, they must have applied in your behalf. If you register online, you get a transaction no. and you will use this to access your Pag-ibig MID no. You will get the same Pag-ibig MID no. as your employer gave you, as long as the basic personal data you will enter is the same as the data entered by your employer.

  3. Hello, can someone out there please help me. I have tried updating my account using pagibig MID and security # yet I couldn't log in. the screen appeared as "invalid login identity". but i have tried several times and im sure of the login details. my last contribution was december 2012. i wonder if it affects my login details when trying to view or edit my account.

  4. Hi Joana, sorry I don't remember the categories listed, but look for business process outsourcing, customer services, business support services, professional services, business communication, and related categories

  5. I want to change my status but my employer did not give me my MID number.How can i get my MID number online?

  6. For call center agents i think sa Tellemarketers sila na category.

  7. Hi angelique, yes, that's one category that fits call center agents, specially those that focus on telemarketing.

  8. Hi Mixspeak, yes, you can do that. You'll get the same Pag-ibig MID no. as long as you enter the same basic personal info.

  9. Hi Albert and Rea, the system for changing data online is not yet working. If we want to change some personal info, we need to go to our branch with our IDs and Pag-ibig MID and make changes there. Or you can email Pag-ibig if you can just email desired changes. publicaffairs@pagibigfund.gov.ph

    Rea, you have 2 transaction nos. but your Pag-ibig MID no. will be the same. Keep your Pag-ibig MID no., including your 2 transaction nos., because there are online transactions in which the transaction no. is asked (try to use your 2nd transaction no.)

  10. Good day Ms./Mr NORS! Im JANE, a new registered member. I already have my RTN, MID number, & printed of MDF. I just want to change my Employment status & add my Employee no & TIN no., that I have encode during my online enrollment this last June. I have tried to change it online but its not working. I have e-mail it already but i haven't yet receive any confirmation & didn't go to any branch.

    do i still need to fill up an MCIF Form? or make a new/2nd Registration? Kindly please advice me what to do.
    I will greatly appreciate. Thanks and GODbless!

  11. Hi Mary Jane, you can try registering again -- you will get the same MID -- although you will get a different transaction no. write also this 2nd transaction no. Some say their changes were saved; others say their changes were not saved. I hope yours will be saved.
    If the changes can't be saved, and you need a Pag-ibig document that shows your correct employment status, you have to visit your Pag-ibig branch with your Pag-ibig MID. and ID.

  12. Am i in big trouble for registering twice? I applied just awhile ago online but i mistakenly chose a wrong occupation. I dunno how to change it so i registered again right away. Would that be a big difference? :(

  13. Hi Sunshine, no, you're not in trouble. You will have 2 transaction nos., but your Pag-ibig MID will be the same. If your change of occupation was not Saved, you can change it later on when the system for online changes finally works.

  14. Hi Paopi, Pag-ibig's online data correction process does not yet work, based on comments on our blogs and my own testing recently . So the only remedy is to go to Pag-ibig and request for correction. There, you can also request for your ID card with security no.
    You can try registering again, if you like to try, and then make the change. Anyway the Pag-ibig MID is preserved. But those who are commenting say the changes ARE NOT being Saved.

  15. Hi Joseph, yes, you will get the same Pag-ibig MID. They will match your complete name, and birth date, and maybe mother's maiden name.

  16. QUESTIONS from past users in 2013, deleted due to theme change:
    1. Lord nore kram: I like to change my last name
    2. Joana Marie Ticse: What's the category for call centers in the Occupations portion?
    3. Angelo Chardy: What's the category for call center agents?
    4. Mixspeak: Hi, i registered last 3 days and I have to change some of the information. My question is how can I update the info. and can I just register again under the same name? I haven't confirmed to get my pagibig member no. Thank you.
    5. Rea Bustamante
    hi I registered as new member then, when i need to change it and i try to update it to include my employer, I don't have security code, then I registered again. and I already got my mid no. The problem is I have 2 records with different rtn, but when i try to check it, what's showing is my earlier regitration and the status is unemployed, help :(
    6. Albert Geronimo
    hi how can I submit MCIF online? I'm changing my empoloyment details and contact number
    7. Roane Rose
    How can I change my job online? I already have my mid but no security code
    8. Roane Rose
    What if I register again. Will I get the same MID No.?
    9. Paopi Lopez
    Hi! I need help. I need to delete or should I say make a change in my Employment details.I wrote the name of the company I was going to work for, but sadly, I didn't pursue this firm. During that time, I'm just preparing my government numbers so I applied for MID no. Please help me and guide me what to do. Don't like this to affect my new company. It will appear as I'm lying if this company appears in my record.
    10. Laren
    What happens if my birthdate in my first MID is wrong then another application was made for new MID. Is there a problem with two MIDs? or is it ok to disregard the old MID since the birthdate is wrong then wait for the new MID?
    11. itepsmusicmash
    If probationary, what's the employment status? I'm newly hired. Thanks.
    12. itepsmusicmash
    ah ok. i'll probably go for contractual since 6 months. I was wondering is it easy to update info with pag-ibig through online? doubtful with the online systems of government.
    13. Joseph Ordonez
    I've been with my employer for 3 years. My fellow employees say our employer has been remitting our payments, but I can't see any MID in our documents. If I apply online, will I get the same MID? Wan to check my contributions online.
    14. Joseph Ordonez
    thanks you very much Nora, my worry about having 2 accounts with Pagibig is relieved, if I fill up online registration, that it might create conflict in the future.thanks. god bless


    . You can now change your data online. Login using your transaction no. If you don't have a security code, Click "No Pag-ibig MID No." even if you already have a Pag-ibig MID No., so you can proceed.

    . If you're not sure if you already have a Pag-ibig MID No., you can go ahead and register. If Pag-ibig sees that you already have a Pag-ibig MID No., it will give you the same Pag-ibig MID No.
    Record your Transaction No. You will use this number if you need to change some data in the future.

    . If you have registered twice or thrice, you will get 2 or 3 Transactions Nos. but you will get the same Pag-ibig MID No. Record these Transaction Nos. Usually, the first Transaction No. will be your assigned Transaction No.

  17. hello mam can i change my birth year now in your system? I've tried yesterday but it needs my MID No. I don't have MID no. yet cause I just registered yesterday. I only have my RTN. how was that?

  18. Hi Charie, if you already have your tracking no., you can get your Pag-ibig MID no. by clicking "View registration information". How to get your Pag-ibig MID No.

  19. how can i change my birth year? can i change it online?

  20. Hi, I just created an account but unfortunately i have inputted a wrong information about my beneficiary's birthday. I need your help. I just want to know if I'm in trouble or I can edit and change this information? Thank you!

  21. Hi , i inputted a wrong info about my name as appeared on my birth certificate. How can i change that? Pls help tnx

  22. Hi Harry Neil and Jellecie, yes, you can edit your personal data items. Here is how to edit your Pag-ibig personal data

  23. I inputted a wrong maiden name of my mother, how can I change it? The MCIF is not working and gives error. Can I register again? Will I be in trouble if I do that?

  24. Nneka Angela MacadaegJun 29, 2015, 8:42:00 PM

    Hi, I can't find Barangay Pitogo in the drop down list when i get the Zip Code, which is supposed to be 1213. What can I do? Please Help

  25. Hi Justin, yes, you can register again if MCIF still doesn't work. No, you won't get into trouble. You will be given a new Transaction No., but Pag-ibig will give you the same Pag-ibig MID after seeing the same main personal data.

  26. Hi Nneka Angela, if you like, you can choose Guadalupe Nuevo in the meantime, so you can register, and then after registration, email Pag-ibig at publicaffairs@pagibigfund.gov.ph about the missing 1213 Makati City zip code for Bgy Pitogo in the zip code drop down list. Include a request for them to change your zip code from 1212 to 1213

  27. hi, i'm mariz alferan, can anyone help on how to delete RTN since i have 2 RTN? on my first registration, i forgot to place the name of my beneficiary and so i have registered again. so right noe, i have 2 RTN?

  28. Hi mariz, it's okay if you have 2 RTNs. When Pag-ibig sees that you are the same person, based on your main personal data, they give you the same Pag-ibig MID. What's important is that you have the same and only one Pag-ibig MID. If you do another online transaction, and you're asked RTN, use the newer RTN. If you are given two different Pag-ibig MID, email publicaffairs@pagibigfund.gov.ph

  29. what if you registered twice what will i do?

  30. About registering twice
    If you entered the same basic personal data items, Pag-ibig will see that you are the same person, so it will give you the same Pag-ibig MID no. Use your second tracking no.

  31. what if is registered twice because i misspelled my name on my first registrtaion, is it okay?

  32. hello how to change employment details online, im trying to update my employer's name but the only choice given in the drop down details that i can update is the employee history which is different from the employment details. Hoping from your answer thank you very much.

  33. About online change of Pag-ibig data: Yes, that's the right item to choose. Click "Employment History" then click "Update" on the same line with the employer's name you want to change.

  34. Hi, I already have my pag-ibig number when I was still working but I still tried registering online. Does that mean I'm getting 2 (two) pag-ibig numbers? Please help, I think I just made a mistake in registering online. I should have never regiserted online.

    Thank you.


    1. About the possibility of having 2 Pag-ibig MID nos.: Sorry for the delayed response. I hope you already discovered that it's okay, that it's not a problem that you registered online. If Pag-ibig sees that you already have your MID, it will send the same MID to you..

  35. Hi, i created an account and i entered +6309437... instead of +6343... what should i do? should i make a new one? i cant receive a text message for my RTN. Please help

    1. About incorrect phone no.: Yes, you can register again.

  36. Hi. Dati na po akong member ng PAGIBIG dahil nag work na po ako dati. Pero hindi ko po alam kung ano ang PAGIBIG No. ko. Ngayon po ay newly-employed po ako at isa sa requirements ay PAGIBIG MID Number (tracking number) and/or PAGIBIG (HMDF) ID. Pano ko po malalaman ang PAGIBIG number ko? ano po ang mga requirements? Salamat po

  37. do i have to submit the mdf to the office after registering online?thank you

    1. If you mean submitting to Pag-ibig office, no, it's not needed. After a day or two days, check you MDF again, and if you see your Pag-ibig MID no. already in your MDF, you can copy or print your MDF for your own purpose. Pag-ibig will also send your tracking no. and Pag-ibig MID no. to your mobile no. or email.

    2. Hi! If I changed my current employer and employment history info online, do I need to print the mdf and submit it to pagibig branch pa after? Or no need?

  38. Boss Eks, about Pag-ibig MID no. Dec 4, 2015
    Hi. I was previously a member of PAGIBIG as I was previously employed. But I don't know my PAGIBIG No. Now I'm newly-employed and one of the requirements is a PAGIBIG MID Number (tracking number) and/or PAGIBIG (HMDF) ID. How can I know my PAGIBIG number? What are the requirements? Thank you po
    Register online. Follow the steps above. Use your active mobile phone no. and email address because Pag-ibig will send your Pag-ibig MID no. to your mobile no. or email address later on. You can register even if you think you already have a Pag-ibig MID no. Pag-ibig will send you the same Pag-ibig MID no. if they see that you already have a Pag-ibig MID no.

  39. Helo gud day poh!can u help me pls.nag member aq nuon s pagibig d2 s Madrid spain but matagal n poh un 1 or 2yrs q poh xa bnay

  40. Hello poh!can u help me pls.nag member poh aq s pagibig matagal n at d2 q gina wla s Madrid spain Pti payment in 1 or 2yrs.ata poh mtgal n kz kya dq n tanda at once q lng dn xa bnyadan naibgay poh skn un mid# but hnd q tanda at nwala q poh ,nw badly nid q poh malaman n icontinue q poh un hm poh?at ppano ?its possible b makita p un récord q or kailangan n mag panay bagó aq member?or continúe n lng un ulit skn kht matagal n un dq n tlg tanda yr nun e kng 2000 b or 2007 tnx poh reply pls.have a nice day to all at god bless poh

  41. Tez Macatangay, about forgotten Pag-ibig MID no. Dec 8, 2015
    Hello poh! can u help me pls. I registered with Pag-ibig a long time ago. I think I paid only once. Then I came here to Madrid, Spain. I don't remember my mid# and I lost my record. Do I need to get a new number? Can they find my record? Thanks poh, reply pls. have a nice day to all and god bless poh.
    Hi Tez, register again as a new member, even if you've registered years before. If you already have a Pag-ibig MID no., Pag-ibig will give you the same number. First, they will give you a registration tracking no. After 2 days, login again, so you can see your Pag-ibig MID no. You can the use this MID no. to pay Pag-ibig there in Spain. Members abroad can check their payments here: Pag-ibig then click "OFW Member's Contribution Verification"
    You can pay Pag-ibig through the remittance partners of PNB, Asia United Bank, IRemit and Ventaja.

  42. its under "office and administrative support" then select "Customer service Representative"

    1. Hi Sakura, thanks a lot for sharing.

    2. Maam Nora? Pano po mag change ng EMPLOYER? nag resign na kase ako sa vxi then i want to continue my contribution.. i need to change it from vxi to offsourcing? pano po yun?

  43. Anonymous, about change from Employed to Voluntary Mar 13, 2016, 9:08:00 PM
    Ms Nora? How do we process change of EMPLOYER? I resigned from vxi then i want to continue my contribution. i need to change it from vxi to offsourcing? how is it?
    You can continue paying as Voluntary or Individual Payor. Make your first payment at your Pag-ibig branch, then for your next payment, you can pay at Bayad Center or SM Business Center. Bring your Pag-ibig MID and ID.


  45. Good day sir/madam pls. Can u help to get my PAG-IBIG MID NO. Cos until now I don't get my MID NO. Thank you in advance. God bless. .

    1. Hi dodoy arch: Have you enrolled online? Did you receive a registration tracking number via text or email? If you have already enrolled, email Pag-ibig contactus@pagibigfund.gov.ph and request your MID number. Include your first name, middle name, surname and birth of date, and attach a photo or scan of your IDs. If you're rushing, you can go to the Pag-ibig branch nearest your residence.

  46. hi ms nora. ask ko lang po. is it possible to delete the info on my present employment? and how to changed it po?

    1. Change of Pag-ibig employment data online: Yes, you can change it online. Here are the steps: How to Change Pag-ibig Member Data Online

  47. Hi good morning .. after my registration sabi You will receive acknowledgment of your registration. You will receive a Registration Tracking No. on your cell phone or via email. But until now wala pa ko na rerecieved .. why is that?

    your fast reply will be more appreciated

    1. Waiting for Pag-ibig reply: That happens when there are a lot of people enrolling. Wait some more. I hope you'll receive it tonight.

  48. whats the appropriate category for call center agents in the occupation tab?

    1. Hi Pj Perez: Diverse na rin ngayon ang work ng mga nasa BPO, so kahit alin dito:

      Sales and Office Occupations
      - Telemarketers

      Office and Administrative Support Occupations
      - Customer service representatives
      - Human resource assistants
      - Office and administrative support workers, all other

      Business and Financial Operations Occupations
      - Human resources workers
      - Compensation, benefits, and job analysis specialists

      Professional and related occupations
      - Computer support specialists
      - Computer occupations, all other

  49. Ms nora,
    pwede nyo po b ako tulungan kc hindi q po nkuha ang MID no.ko po kc registered n po q kaso po hindi q po naprint yu dapat iprint pagkatapos q po isend yu lahat ng fill up ko forms panno po gagawin ko?

    1. Hi iennar: nag-register ka online, di ba? Punta ka uli sa pag-ibig website, at gawin mo ito, start from No. 13: How to get your Pag-ibig MID No.
      Puede ring i-email mo ang Pag-ibig contactus@pagibigfund.gov.ph and request them to send your Pag-ibig no. Tell them you already have registered.

  50. hi! im shannen taller, i registered twice because in my first try i cannot print the mdf :-((( so i tried to reload it but it ended up i have to register again so i did. now i have 2 RTN :-( what do i do?

  51. I am a new member and it says that my last name is invalid. how come?

  52. Hello mam, nakaregister na po aq,nacconfirmed na registration q,kaso po hndi q naprint ung verification tas hindi na aq makabalik don para maprint or ma save q po sana, panu po gagawin

  53. Hello mam, nakaregister na po aq,nacconfirmed na registration q,kaso po hndi q naprint ung verification tas hindi na aq makabalik don para maprint or ma save q po sana, panu po gagawin

  54. Good morning. I am a Junior Program Assistant for Communications at ASP, and I would like to know under what occupation is it. I have to complete my online registration on or before Wednesday.

  55. how to get my MID No of pag ibig coz ive forgot to print the mdf but i have already my RTN number.

  56. i dont know where to locate the E-services please help

  57. But i have successfully done the online registration my mistake is just i did not print the MDF


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